Automobili Lamborghini Surfaces is the result of the fusion between the Made in Italy luxury of Automobili Lamborghini and the excellence of large format stone surfaces for architecture and design by IDYLIUM, on BestSurface production.

The synergy between Hyper-materia and supersport cars is born thanks to the creative project developed by IDYLIUM and DIGITAL DESIGN, a leading company in graphic design for the ceramic industry.

Through the technical-aesthetic properties of IDYLIUM mineral stone (also known as sintered stone), first and foremost digital ultra-definition and exceptional laser processing, Automobili Lamborghini’s DNA has been transformed into surfaces that express informal luxury, technology and Made in Italy style.

The artistic direction of Automobili Lamborghini Surfaces interior and exterior surfaces collection drew on the Lamborghini stylistic universe: the scratching lines, the sharp proportions, the hexagon and the “Y“. Iconic signs that have characterized Lamborghini design since its beginnings and that still characterize the most recent models today.


One collection, four lines, three souls: Vibrant, Powerful, Upscale

Vibrant is the most design-oriented line of Automobili Lamborghini Surfaces, designed for a young audience with international taste. Those of the Vibrant line are primary surfaces, minimal, grayscale and with three different material backgrounds: geometric micro-patterns, spatulate and concrete effect.

Powerful is the line of Automobili Lamborghini Surfaces with a sporty and extra-ordinary look. The surfaces in this family are inspired by the brilliant colors and identity textures of Automobili Lamborghini, such as the hexagonal patterns inspired by carbon fibre.

Upscale is the line of Automobili Lamborghini Surfaces with the most elegant and refined creative solutions, designed for an audience with a certain taste for tailor-made detail. The slabs of the upscale line are inspired by the textile of the Automobili Lamborghini interiors and the iconic “Y” pattern, created on the stone using meticulous laser processing.

The fourth and last line of Automobili Lamborghini Surfaces is dedicated to kitchen countertops, a flagship product for IDYLIUM, where the excellent functional features of this material find their maximum expression: ultra-compact surfaces, extremely resistant, non-porous, immune to temperature variations and safe for health because 100% natural. In the 6 countertop options the technical material prevails: material grains immersed in a mixture with glassy components.

Automobili Lamborghini Surfaces consists of a total of 17 references, 6 colours for kitchen countertops and 11 options for the three lines of interior and exterior coverings (Vibrant, Powerful, Upscale) and is available from authorized dealers.

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