Style Studio

The constant presence on world markets and the regular attendance of events and fairs focused on design make Digital Design a reliable and valuable consultant on updated styles and trends.

The six Digital Design showrooms act as showcase for a vast and multiple collection of
constantly renewed creative proposals:

  • skillfully hand-crafted prototypes
  • marble surfaces cleverly treated to obtain unique effects
  • specific, embellishing interventions on wood as well as concrete surfaces, conceived and engineered in-house
  • embossed surfaces showing various relief models
  • expertly processed metals and cements

The various techniques applied for the realization of our prototypes, the treatment of different materials’ surfaces imbued with our Italian design tradition and merged with a contemporary culture contribute to the birth of exclusive concepts of high aesthetic value.The original pieces undergo the expert processing of our designers.

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An innovative thermal based application allows the personalization of our customers’ products.
It is a process which guarantees high-quality finishes on different kinds of materials.

We do not change the properties of the material, but we enrich its appearance by adding value thanks to the finishes obtained through cutting edge technologies. Thanks to special thermal based applications, we personalize and enrich products utilizing colors and inlays of precious materials.

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Design development

Projects are studied and engineered by our experts to become suitable for any kind of printing technology in order to achieve the best production results.
We can make finished samples and high-resolution images available for pre-production printing tests.

Digital Design’s extensive knowledge of digital printing makes it an ideal supplier of printing and prototyping services
We make use of the most innovative printing technologies which we apply for the decoration of large surfaces made of various materials and in various thicknesses.
High definition and expertise in colors management determine the outstanding quality and high yield percentage of our creations.

Digital Design supplies design and rendering works to create customized 3D environments.
High-definition images that give value to the product and enhance its beauty originate from the experience gained by our designers in product development and their ability to contextualize in the most effective way.

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With the intent of safeguarding the uniqueness and exclusivity of its projects, Digital Design has registered the copyright for all of its models. It is an active tool against counterfeiting or illegal copying from which all our customers will draw benefits.

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Dies & Punches

A specific technology enables us to create embossed models designed by us, by engraving reliefs on test rubbers and then produce the corresponding master moulds and punches.
Our engraving machines, the development and industrialization of which has been closely monitored by us, utilize laser and CNC technology applicable on different kinds of material such as aluminium, rubber, bachelite etc. We’re also specialized in the production of large-size master moulds and punches.

Our 3D scanners acquire structures from various surfaces and convert them into 3D files which can then be modified by our expert designers and adapted to the customers’ aesthetic and functional requirements.

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Digital Design, thanks to the experience of expert operators, has developed some software including the multi-channel Digital Profiler Software for the creation of ICC color profiles (RGB, CMYK and multichannel). Thanks to a new graphic interface. It is the latest and most powerful tool for obtaining the best quality and performance from our digital technologies. We have also added a software called the RPD (Remote product development) program overcomes the problem of physical distance and offers an opportunity to revolutionize the ceramic industry’s approach to R&D. It’s a new tool available to tile manufacturers and glaze suppliers that will allow them to take a further step towards a smart manufacturing model.

The product development process is also using innovative digital technologies to adopt industry 4.0 criteria, resulting in a number of benefits. The first   is a faster product development process even without the on-site presence of technicians while guaranteeing vey high levels of performance. Other benefits include product standardization, lower production costs and constant support from a team of professionals. Contact us to learn more about the features of RPD PROGRAM. Our staff will help you to find the best solution.

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