USA Digital inc, was born in 2014 giving life to a project inserted in a US context but at the same time projected on a varied international clientele. Making its own the distinctive skills of the Italian parent company, USA Digital inc confirms itself as the preferred interlocutor in the design and decoration of surfaces in the ceramic world and in other related sectors where the graphic experience and creativity are essential for the development of the aesthetic component of the products. It quickly consolidates its experiences by establishing itself for the originality and quality of the proposals combined with cutting-edge technologies.


USA Digital inc collaborates with the most important US companies that constantly reward the quality of service and design. The on-site offer of equipment and tools has proved to be a winning choice for USA Digital inc, which further confirms its qualities as a competent and reliable partner.

Matrici & tamponi

A specific technology enables us to create embossed models designed by us, by engraving reliefs on test rubbers and then produce the corresponding master moulds and punches.
Our engraving machines, the development and industrialization of which has been closely monitored by us, utilize laser and CNC technology applicable on different kinds of material such as aluminium, rubber, bachelite etc. We’re also specialized in the production of large-size master moulds and punches.


Latest generation 3D scanners acquire the reliefs of various structured surfaces by processing the related files. Our engraving machines, of which we have followed both the design and industrialization, work the reliefs on various types of supports aluminum, rubber, resins, etc. using laser and CNC technologies. The result is test rubbers, dies and punches that reproduce the reliefs we designed and that are used in the ceramic sector.

Assistenza tecnica

Our team of professionals is available to manage the optimization of research and development through on-site technical assistance.

Sviluppo design

USA Digital Inc creates customized Designs adapting to the needs of the customer to whom it offers valid support in the research of the material and in the development of the concept up to the realization of the finished product.

Pezzi di ricambio

The excellent results achieved so far have laid the foundations for the expansion of the headquarters, becoming the official dealer of spare parts for the brands: Projecta Engineering and Diatex. Thanks to more space and proximity to US ceramic companies, USA Digital inc will be able to supply spare parts and assistance in record time.