Digital Design, thanks to the experience of expert operators, has developed some software including the multi-channel Digital Profiler Software for the creation of ICC color profiles (RGB, CMYK and multichannel). Thanks to a new graphic interface. It is the latest and most powerful tool for obtaining the best quality and performance from our digital technologies. We have also added a software called the RPD (Remote product development) program overcomes the problem of physical distance and offers an opportunity to revolutionize the ceramic industry’s approach to R&D. It’s a new tool available to tile manufacturers and glaze suppliers that will allow them to take a further step towards a smart manufacturing model.

The product development process is also using innovative digital technologies to adopt industry 4.0 criteria, resulting in a number of benefits. The first   is a faster product development process even without the on-site presence of technicians while guaranteeing vey high levels of performance. Other benefits include product standardization, lower production costs and constant support from a team of professionals. Contact us to learn more about the features of RPD PROGRAM. Our staff will help you to find the best solution.